What could happen if every follower of Christ would give just ONE DAY'S WAGE to help the hurting, hungry, and hopeless in the world?  Convoy of Hope serves more than 126,000 children in 11 countries who are being fed and cared for in their programs. There are tens of thousands more children on the waiting list. 66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world.  870 million people in the world do not have enough to eat.  We can help change that, and in the process help Convoy of Hope to also share the love and the message of Jesus Christ!  Feeding hungry stomachs and hungry souls, your offering can literally change the world!

The average person works 240 days per year.  Divide your annual salary by 240 and you will see what a difference that "one day" will make if you will give that amount to help those like Kate in this video.  

Watch Kate's story in the video above and be inspired by how your generosity can change lives!

On Sunday, January 10th, Rick Zorehkey from Convoy of Hope shared more with us about the powerful ways in which Convoy of Hope is not only helping children around the world with hunger, but also in disaster assistance (such as the recent flooding in the midwest), food programs, educational programs, water, food-growing, micro-businesses, and most of all, sharing Christ with a world in desperate need of Hope!

If you would like to give toward our One Day offering, you can also do so ONLINE.  Using our giving module, just SELECT THE DROPDOWN FOR "ONE DAY" when you give. You may do a "quick give" one-time offering, or you can set up an account, if you do not already have one, for future giving.  You may also use our "TEXT-TO-GIVE" by texting the words "one day" (without quotes) to 239-330-2660 and you will receive information on how to register your method of payment through our secure giving portal.  

So, to go to our online giving page - CLICK HERE 

Remember to select "one day" from the dropdown list of funds.
Thank you for giving ONE DAY to CHANGE THE WORLD!

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