Sermon Notes:

If someone said they had a gift for you, would you take it?
Now, some may respond immediately with an answer of “YES, of course!”
Others might say, “well, it depend on who it is that offers the gift!”
True – but what if I were to say that the gift was being offered by a good friend?
How about if I told you the gift was from your spouse, or another beloved family member?
Would you take it, would you open it, would you receive it?
Now, what if I told you that gift was being offered to you from the God who loves you?
Would you take it?
Would you receive it?
And would you do what it took to wait for it, receive it, and accept it from the God who loves you?

This is how we will understand the "Baptism in the Holy Spirit" as we look at Scripture and see God's gift given to His people!  

It all starts as we realize that God's gifts come in unexpected ways - as Peter found out - and to those whom we may least expect would be given such a gift!

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